When I was a child, I used to give my old clothes to children in our community. They were my friends and I felt the old clothes would be helpful to them mainly because these children came from poorer families than my own. Even as an adult, I have continued to do the same so much so that my wardrobe is almost empty?

I have never held a highly paying job. However, I have been extremely generous to those in need who happen to pass my way. I have donated to construction of churches and schools, Bududa land slide victims, school fees for needy students, and many others.

I know that Ugandans work hard, but I feel that they do not give enough and are not very generous to others. I strongly feel that if all of us contributed in a small way as I do, we would show a difference among Ugandans.

Unfortunately, if there is an area where I have failed, it is the area of giving, I wish I would give more.